PMS - Jade Herbal

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Indications: painful menstruation, irregular cicles, cramps in the lower abdomen before or during menstruation. Irritability, over-sensitivity, bursting into tears, increased nervousness. Loss of energy, too short or too long cicles, gain of weight and water retention.

Energetic Actions: mooves Blood and Qi, Nourishes the Blood, Harmonises circulation of Qi and Blood, Sedative.


Huai niu xi     (Achyranthes)
He hua pi    (Albizzia)
Ze xie (Alisma)
Qing pi (Blue citrus)
Hong hua    (Carthamus)
Rou gui (Cinnamon bark)
Fo shou (Citrus sacrodactylis)
Chuan xiong (Cnidium)
Shan zha    (Crataegus)
Xiang fu    (Cyperus)
Mu dan pi    (Moutan)
Bai shao yao (Peony alba)
Shu di huang (Rehmannia)
Dang gui     (Tang kuei)
Yu jin (Curcuma)


Dosage: 2 tablets at the first signs of pain, afterwards 2 tablets every 4 hours untill there is improovement (maximum 8 tablets per day)

Package: 50 tablets x 2500mg (Jade Herbal concentration)