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Red Stirring (Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang)


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Classical antecedent: Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang (Blood Mansion Eliminating Stasis Decoction)


Chest pain which is fixed and stabbing or pricking in character, chronic stabbing headaches, a feeling of oppression and heat in the chest, palpitations, anxiety, agitation, insomnia, a feeling of anxiety at bedtime, irritability, mental confusion, depression.


Indications in Chinese Medicine:

Pattern: Blood stasis in chest and Mind.
Action: Move Blood, eliminate stasis, move Qi, stop pain, calm the Mind and open the Mind's orifices.

Tongue: Purple, possibly only in the front part, or on the sides towards the front.
Pulse: Choppy, or wiry, or firm. 




Dang Gui Radix Angelicae sinensis 
Sheng Di Huang Radix Rehmanniae
Chuan Xiong Rhizoma Chuanxiong 
Chi Shao Radix Paeoniae rubra 
Tao Ren Semen Persicae 
Hong Hua Flos Carthami tinctorii 
Chai Hu Radix Bupleuri 
Zhi Ke Fructus Aurantii
Huai Niu Xi Radix Achyranthis bidentatae
Jie Geng Radix Platycodi
Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae uralensis 
Dan Shen Radix Salviae miltiorrhizae
Yuan Zhi Radix Polygalae
Yu Jin Radix Curcumae
He Huan Pi Cortex Albiziae



Dosage: 2 tablets x 2 times a day

Bottle: 60 tablets x 500mg concentration ratio of 7:1

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