Voll and the effectiveness of our Formulas


Voll's Electroacupuncture and E.Qi.Librium Herbs Formulas effectivenes 


Voll's Electroacupuncture is a method that allows making a diagnosis through electrophysical measurement in a few specific acupuncture points that are commonly found on hands, feet and head.

An interesting aspect which gives us the EAV (Voll's electroacunpuncture) is the "drug test". We can confront the patient with drugs or substances that are incorporated into the patient circuit / apparatus, which cause a reaction in the patient we can measure with EAV devices. The transmission of this energetic information (electromagnetic vibrations) to the patient, occurs under the principle of resonance. The needle of the measuring instrument (ohmmeter) shows the patient's reaction measured against the remedy. If the measured values of the individual items in the VAS improved physiological value approaching 50 and / or neutralizing the needle drop, then we have found the substance or the appropriate remedy for the patient.

In tests performed by therapists, the Chinese formulas marketed by E.Qi.Librium Herbs that have been tested, have been the only ones in this area (Chinese Herbal Medicine) that have proven effectiveness in treatment trials with real patients.

Not only obtained good therapeutic results, but neutralizes the drop of the needle (total energy lock states) with our formulas, which until now was not available with other substances in Chinese medicine.



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