GMP (quality control)

Formulae (ES)
Capsules, tablets, teas, creams...  


E.Qi.Librium Herbs only sells patented formulas manufactured in Europe and U.S.A.. All formulas and ingredients we market must pass rigorous quality control tests when arriving in Europe, this way, we guarantee that they are free of toxic compounds such as pesticides.

The pharmaceutical companies with which we most work are Blue Poppy Enterprises, Min Tong Pharmaceuticals, Su Wen Herbs & Co, KAISER Pharmaceutical and the SUN TEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO. The manufacturers are certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Australia TGA and approved by the FDA.  

We only commercialize formulas made from plants that meet the requirements of GMP (good manufacturing practices) and GSP (good practices of supply).

GSP Certificationwas introduced to China in 2001 and is collected in the medicine Regulation Act. Includes quality and safety rules from hundreds of facilities, equipment, storage, testing, services, sales, etc.  

All formulas commercialized by E.Qi.Librium Herbs are manufactured completely in agree with the Chinese Pharmacopoea, with the exception of formulas whose ingredients are not considered legal in Europe, in which case not commercialize these formulas. 


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