Bi Yan Pian (Bi Yan Kang Pian)

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Indications: Nasal congestion. Rhinitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, allergies, flu, cold, nasal polyps ...


In TCM, Rhinitis is linked to insufficient Qi (Chi) energy of the lungs and then to the loss of protection of the respiratory tract in relation to external agents such as viruses and bacteria. Bi Yan Pian Formula combines several Chinese herbs that act at various levels to relieve rhinitis and sinusitis.

In cases studied, this formula clears the nasal passages in 5 days. In a study of 27 cases, 22 recovered completely and 5 others have improved significantly.

Applications in Traditional Chinese Medicine:
Formula Category: Relieves Exterior. Disperses wind, clarifies the heat, transforms mucus. Anti-toxic and anti-inflammatory (nose, eyes).
Tongue: normal to red with yellow coating.

Xin Yi Hua - Flos Magnolia    26.31
Cang Er Zi - Fructus Xanthium 21.05%
Dang Gui - Radix Angelica dahurica 6.32%
Huang Bai - Cortex Phellodendron 7.37%
Lian Qiao - Fructus Forsythia 7.37%
Zhi Mu - Rizoma Anemarrhena 4.21%
Ju Hua - Flos Chrysantemum morifolium 4.21%
Gan Cao - Radix Glycyrrhizae 6.32%
Ji Geng - Radix Platycodon 4.21%
Wu Wei Zi - Fructus Schizandrae 4.21%
Jing Jie - Schizonepeta 4.21%
Fang Feng - Radix Saposhnikovia 4.21%


Dosage: 3 tablets, 2 times a day

60 tablets x 1500mg (300mg. x 5:1) by "Min Tong Pharmaceutical"

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