Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San

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120 capsules x 5000mg. from Blue Poppy Classics


Stress, insomnia, depression, panic attacks, PMS, irritability, etc.. A liverspleen disharmony with depressive heat, especially depressive heat which has entered the blood aspect or division manifesting as irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhea, abnormal vaginal discharge, breast distention, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), climacteric disorders, chronic hepatitis, pleurisy, chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, insomnia, central retinitis, and psychoemotional depression

Still popular after 200 years, this formula was first recorded in 1773 AD;
Promotes the free flow of vital energy
Relieves stress and depression
Eliminates toxins

Radix Bupleuri is known to nourishing and spreading the Chi (vital energy) throughout the body. Relieves feelings of pressure, gastrointestinal problems, headaches and emotional instability.



Fructus Gardeniae is used to clear heat and toxins from the body, and cool the blood. It is very useful for fever, irritability and insomnia.

This traditional formula is a supplement that helps the body to return to his natural state of balance by improving circulation and clearing toxins. Relieves depression and stress associated with modern life.

Applications in Traditional Chinese Medicine:
Category of the formula: It regulates the liver and spleen. Disperse stagnation of Liver Qi.
Tongue: purple, red edges, white or yellow coat.



Mu Dan Pi (Cortex Moutan)     68.2 mg
Zhi Zi (Fructus Gardeniae)     68.2 mg
Chai Hu (Radix Bupleuri)     68.2 mg
Dang Gui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis)     68.2 mg
Bai Shao (Radix Paeoniae Albae)     68.2 mg
Bai Zhu (Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae)     68.2 mg
Fu Ling (Poria)     68.2 mg
Gan Cao (Radix Glycyrrhizae)     22.6 mg


2 capsules, 2 times a day

120 capsules x 5000mg. (500mg. x 10:1 concentration ratio)


Note: All Blue Poppy brand products come with the manufacturing date marked (MFG or Manuf. Date), the expiration date is 5 years from the date indicated on the bottom or side of the packaging.

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