Panax Ginseng (Ren Shen)

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  • Decreases the level of blood sugar to control diabetes
  • Lowers blood pressure (effective for the control of hypertension) ;
  • Tones and strengthens the Cardiovascular and Circulatory System ;
  • Increased Sexual Potency ;
  • Lowers cholesterol levels (LDL) and Triacilglycerides (TAG) preventing heart stroks ;
  • Enhances the immune system, preventing disease ;
  • Improving physical performance, is excellent for mental and physical fatigue ;
  • Accelerating cerebral irrigation increases mental alertness and preventing degenerative brain diseases (senility) and thrombotic events ;
  • It is a potent antioxidant to retard cellular aging and improving skin elasticity ;
  • It is excellent to combat stress and insomnia ;
  • Relieve the symptoms of menstruation and menopause ;
  • Decongests the Digestive System (Constipation) and protects the liver function ;
  • Prevent diseases such as Osteoporosis and Cancer ;
  • Decongests and strengthens the respiratory system (asthma, flu, allergies) ;
  • Increased production of red blood cells preventing Anemias;
  • Accelerate the elimination of toxins, and protects against radiation that can cause cancer

In comparative studies between all types of ginseng available, has shown that Panax ginseng is the most powerful because it has a higher concentration of bioactive components.

It has been shown not to cause mental or physical dependence and have not been reported for all 6000 years of use and experimentation at a global level,  adverse effects. In children increases their concentration and attention at school, their mental activity to streamline higher school performance.

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Formula Category: Invigorate the Yuan Qi, Lung and Spleen. Promotes fluid and Calm Mind.

100% Panax Ginseng (Ren Shen)

1 to 2 tablets, 2 times a day

60 tablets x 1500mg (300mg. x 5:1) by "Min Tong Pharmaceutical"

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