Jade Screen

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Allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis (secondary to rhinitis), sneezing, runny nose with a clear-watery discharge, itchy eyes and nose, dull soreness on the forehead, blocked nose, hay fever, allergy to cats, dogs, horses, dust mites, dust, etc.


Jade Screen Allergic rhinitis

Xin Yi Hua Flos Magnoliae
Fang Feng Radix Saposhnikoviae 
Huang Qi Radix Astragali
Bai Zhu Rhizoma Atractylodis macrocephalae 
Bai Zhi Radix Angelicae dahuricae 
Wu Mei Fructus Mume
Wu Wei Zi Fructus Schisandrae
Dan Shen Radix Salviae miltiorrhizae

Bo He Herba Menthae haplocalycis
Jing Jie Herba Schizonepetae 
Huang Qin Radix Scutellariae 
Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae uralensis 
Bai Qian Rhizoma Cynanchi stauntonii
Jie Geng Radix Platycodi 
Gan Jiang Rhizoma Zingiberis


Indications in Chinese Medicine:

Pattern: Wind impairing the descending and diffusing of Lung-Qi in the nose. 
Action: Expel Wind, tonify Qi, strengthen Defensive-Qi, anti-allergy.

Jade Screen™ is a formula specifically designed to treat the manifestations of allergic rhinitis. The problem is becoming more and more common, partly because of an increasing genetic predisposition to allergy and partly through heavy atmospheric pollution in cities. Although this formula contains the classical prescription “Jade Wind-Screen Decoction” (Yu Ping Feng San), its main emphasis is not on tonification but on expelling Wind and restoring the diffusion of Lung-Qi to stop sneezing and nasal discharge. In addition to herbs which expel Wind and target the nose, there are three herbs which are included for their anti-allergy effect: Dan Shen, Wu Wei Zi and Wu Mei.

A deficiency of the Kidneys is often at the root of atopy (the tendency to allergic diseases such as atopic eczema, allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis). The formula is aimed primarily at treating the Manifestation (i.e. Wind in the nose) rather than the Root. To treat the Manifestation and the Root simultaneously, the formula could be combined with the Herbal Sentinel (Yang or Yin).


Dosage: 2 tablets x 2 times a day

Bottle: 60 tablets x 500mg concentration ratio of 7:1

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