Move Easy - Jade Herbal

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Indications: rheumatism, stiff and painful joints, swollen joints, stiffness of the limbs. Eases pain, first choice with joint rheumatism or traumatic pains.
This formula relieves joint pain, swollen joints, stiffness of the limbs, intermitent wandering pain in the muscles.

Energetic Actions: Clears Wind-Dampness in the meridians, eases pain and symptoms due to obstruction


Liu Ye (Salix albae)
Wu jia pi (Acanthopanax)
Hong hua    (carthamus)
Mu gua (Chaenomeles)
Qiang huo     (Notopterygium)
Qin jiao    (Chin chiu)
Fo shou    (Citrus sacrodactylis)
Wei ling xian (Cklematis)
Chuan xiong (Cnidium)
Fu ling (Hoelen)
Gan cao    (Licorice)
Jin yin hua (Lonicera)
Ru xiang    (Mastic)
Xi xian cao (Siegesbechia)
Dang gui    (Tang kuei)


Dosage: 2 tablets, 2 - 3 times a day.

50 tablets x 2500mg (Jade Herbal concentration)

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