Psoriasis Tincture (Skin Ease Liniment)

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Indications: Psoriasis

Actions: Dispels wind and clears heat, eliminates dampness and resolves toxins, kills chong (or “parasites”) and stops itching.
Pattern:  Wind damp heat toxin psoriasis

Ingredients: Vinegar, Bai Bu (Radix Stemonae), She Chuang Zi (Fructus Cnidii), Liu Huang (Sulfur), Tu Jing Pi (Cortex Psuedolaricis), Qing Fen (Calomelas), Bai Fan (Alum)


Dosage: Apply as needed to the psoriatic lesions to stop itching. For external use only.

Package: 118 ml. (4 oz)

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