Muscle & Joint Liniment by Blue Poppy

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For the symptomatic relief of any pattern of pain when applied externally to the affected area. This tincture is based on a formula created by De Xi-fang at the Nanchang Hongdu Chinese Medical Hospital called Hong Song Yao Jiu (Carthamus & Nardostachys Medicinal Wine).

Actions: The ingredients in this tincture move the qi and quicken the blood, thus stopping pain.
Pattern: Qi stagnation; Blood stagnation

Dosage:  Apply externally to the site of pain. For best results, combine with an external heat source, such as a TDP lamp, hot water bottle, heating pad, or indirect moxibustion with a moxa roll. For external use only.

Isopropyl alcohol; Hong Hua (Flos Carthami); Gan Song Xiang (Rhizoma Nardostachytis)

Package: 118 ml. (4 oz)

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