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Pediatric Formula "Little Treasures" by Giovanni Maciocia


Abdominal pain and distension, colic in infants, constipation, irritability.


Classical antecedent: Bao He Wan



Xiang Fu Rhizoma Cyperi rotundi
Sha Ren Fructus seu Semen Amomi
Shan Zha Fructus Crataegi
Lai Fu Zi Semen Raphani
Gu Ya Fructus Oryzae germinatus
Zhi Ke Fructus Aurantii
Ban Xia Rhizoma Pinellliae preparatum
Chen Pi Pericarpium Citri reticulatae
Fu Ling Poria
Tai Zi Shen Radix Pseudostellariae
Zhi Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae uralensis preparata

Pattern: Liver-Qi stagnation, Qi stagnation in the Intestines, Retention of Food.
Action: Move Qi, dissolve Food accumulation.

Caution and contraindications:There are no particular cautions and contraindications associated with this remedy.


How to take:

  • 6 monts to 1 year: 0.5 grams once or twice a day
  • 1-2 years: 1 gram once or twice a day
  • 2-4 years: 2 grams once or twice a day
  • 4-7 years: 2-3 grams once or twice a day
  • 7-10 years: 3 grams two or three times a day


Package: 30 grams of granules (includes measuring spoon)


Unit price 28.95


Unit price 28.95