Jin Gu Die Da Pian

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It is used for injuries from falls, contusions and strains, Straining of muscles and tendons, fracture, swelling and pain due to blood stasis, sudden sprain in the lumbar region and pain in the chest when breathing, etc.

Applications in Traditional Chinese Medicine:
Category of the formula: promotes Blood circulation to remove Blood stasis, relieves swelling and alleviates pain.


Liu Ji Nu (Artemisia Anomala Herba)
Hong Hua (Carthamus Flos)
Zhi Shi (Citrus Auruntium Fructus)
Jiang Huang (Curcuma Rhizoma)
Xu Duan (Dipsacus Radix)
Mo Yao (Myrrh Resina)
Chi Shao Yao (Paeonia Rubra Radix)
Bai Shao Yao (Paeonia Alba Radix)
Tao Ren (Persica Semen)
Jie Geng (Platycodon Radix)
San Qi (Pseudoginseng Radix)
Su Mu (Sappan Lignum)
San Leng (Sparganium Rhizoma)
Fang Feng (Siler Radix)
Dang Gui (Angelica Sinensis Radix) 


Dosage: 3 tablets, 2 times a day

Package: 60 x 300mg (5:1) concentrated tablets by "Min Tong Pharmaceutical"

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