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by E.Qi.Librium Herbs

Prosperous Earth  is a variation of Liu Jun Zi Tang "Six Gentlemen Decoction from the "Revised Fine Formulae for Women" (Jiao Zhu Fu Ren Liang Fang). In turn, this formula is a variation of the famousProsperous Heart Si Jun Zi Tang "Four Gentlemen Decoction" from the "Imperial Grace Formulary of the Tai Ping Era" (Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang) of 1078.

The ingredients of Prosperous Earth are:

Ren Shen Radix Ginseng
Bai Zhu Rhizoma Atractylodis macrocephalae
Fu Ling Poria
Chen Pi Pericarpium Citri reticulatae
Ban Xia Rhizoma Pinelliae
Zhi Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae praeparata
Huang Qi Radix Astragali
Shan Yao Rhizoma Dioscoreae

The first six ingredients form the original formula Liu Jun Zi Tang. Ren Shen and Bai Zhu tonify Stomach- and Spleen-Qi; Fu Ling and Chen Pi resolve Dampness from the Middle Burner; Ban Xia resolves Phlegm; Zhi Gan Cao tonifies the Middle Burner and harmonizes.

I have added Huang Qi and Shan Yao to strengthen the tonic effect and also to strengthen Lung-Qi.

Patterns: Stomach- and Spleen-Qi deficiency, some Dampness in the Middle Burner.
Indications: Poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating, tiredness, lassitude, pale complexion, weakness of the limbs, loose stools, slight depression, tendency to obesity, uncomfortable feeling in the epigastrium, lack of taste sensation, weak limbs, Pale tongue, Empty pulse.

Prosperous Heart - The Three TreasuresComments

Prosperous Earth  is the main remedy to tonify Spleen-Qi: although it resolves Dampness, the main emphasis is on tonification. However, it contains herbs that resolve Dampness because the simultaneous occurrence of Spleen-Qi deficiency and some Dampness is extremely common. It is not advisable to use tonic herbs in the presence of a Full condition of Dampness.

By Giovanni Maciocia