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by E.Qi.Librium Herbs


With the joy of the Christmas season some small problems also appear; stress, anxiety, digestion problems, and after all, left over pounds.Stress

To get by a little better this holiday season, we propose a small survival guide:

When visiting family members or them coming to visit us, take the following formula in the dose of 2 tablets before arrival. Repeat the dose if the visit is too long:
The visit will be quite more peaceful!

After a copious meal where you are obviously convinced to overeat, take 2 capsules of the following formula:

After the holiday season is over it is not even worth a visit to the scale, we already know what will it tell us after so many Christmas treats, chocolates, etc., so to avoid heartbreak we can take one of the following formulas even before starting Christmas:

And by the way, in the case of any family member suffering from flu-like states and since we don't want to ruin Christmas with a flu, it is better to prevent it with a protective formula of the immune system, there are many, here are two or three that never fail:

Happy Holidays!

Feliz Navidad!