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Arouse Power


"Arouse Power"


Tu Si Zi Semen Cuscutae
Suo Yang Herba Cynomorii
Yin Yang Huo Herba Epimidii
Gou Qi Zi Fructus Lycii chinensis
Wu Wei Zi Fructus Schisandrae
Dan Shen Radix Salviae miltiorrhizae
Yuan Zhi Radix Polygalae
Lu Lu Tong Fructus Liquidambaris    
Chuan Niu Xi Radix Cyathulae
Gui Zhi Ramulus Cinnamomi cassiae
Mu Dan Pi Cortex Moutan
Huang Bo Cortex Phellodendri
She Chuang Zi Fructus Cnidii
Zhi Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae preparata

Pattern: Kidney-Yang deficiency, Heart-Qi deficiency, Dampness in the Lower Burner.

Action: tonify Kidney-Yang, tonify Heart-Qi, stimulate the descending of Heart-Qi, drain Dampness, calm the Mind.

Indications: impotence, premature ejaculation, decreased libido, decreased sexual function, frigidity, insomnia, depression, backache, urinary difficulty, dizziness, tinnitus.
Tongue: pale.
Pulse: Deep, Weak.

- Tu Si Zi, Suo Yang and Yin Yang Huo tonify Kidney-Yang and strengthen the sexual function. - Gou Qi Zi nourishes Liver- and Kidney-Yin.
- Wu Wei Zi, Dan Shen and Yuan Zhi enter the Heart and calm the Mind.
- Lu Lu Tong and Chuan Niu Xi invigorate Blood and remove obstructions from the Luo     channels: Chuan Niu Xi directs the formula to the Lower Burner.
- Gui Zhi and Mu Dan Pi enter the blood vessels: one hot, the other cold, they invigorate Blood.  - Huang Bo and She Chuang Zi eliminate Dampness from the Lower Burner.

Cautions and contraindications: there are no special contraindications for this remedy; one should remember that it contains two quite hot Yang tonics (Suo Yang and Yin Yang Huo) and one should therefore be certain that the patient is indeed suffering from Yang deficiency. Therefore, a pale tongue is an important necessary sign for the prescription of this formula.

Remedy in a nutshell: tonify the Kidneys and the Heart and the Zhi and Shen, promote the communication between Heart and Kidneys for sexual, gynaecological and mental-emotional life.

Arouse Power is designed to promote the communication and mutual nourishment between the Heart and the Kidneys.  To understand this remedy, we must look at a different 5-Element diagram that the circular one of the Sheng cycle (Wood nourishes Fire, Fire nourishes Earth, etc.).  We must visualize a cross-like 5- Element diagram with the Water at the bottom (North), Fire at the top (South), Wood on the left (East), Metal on the right (West) and the Earth in the centre.

In this view of the 5 Elements, Fire and Water (and therefore Heart and Kidneys) communicate with each other and nourish each other: Fire descends to meet the Water and Water rises to meet Fire (each contrary to their normal movements as Fire normally rises and Water descends). The communication and mutual nourishment of Heart and Kidneys has many clinical applications, three of which are the sexual function, gynaecology and mental-emotional sphere.  

Sexual function
The Kidneys control the sexual function: in men, they control sexual desire and sexual function (i.e. erection and ejaculation).  In women, they control sexual desire and the capacity to reach an orgasm.  The connection and mutual nourishment between Heart and Kidneys is very important  for a normal sexual function. Normally, the function of the Kidneys is always stressed in the sexual function, but that of the Heart is equally important.   

All aspects of the sexual function in both men and women, depend not only on the Kidneys but also on the capacity of Heart-Qi to descend to the Kidneys. For example, in men the descending of Heart-Qi is important to induce erection and control ejaculation.  Therefore, in many cases (and especially in young men) sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation may be due to Heart-Qi not descending to the Kidneys in the case of the former and descending too quickly in the case of the latter.

Arouse Power can therefore be used in sexual problems of both men and women to stimulate the communication and mutual nourishment of Heart and Kidneys.

The Kidneys are the origin of Tian Gui which is menstrual blood and ova.  Tian Gui is the fundamental basis for a normal menstrual function and fertility.  Liver-Blood is also important for the menstrual function but it is the Kidneys that are the origin of Tian Gui, menstrual blood and ovarian follicles.

However, the menstrual rhythm also needs the input of the Heart: Heart-Qi needs to descend to the Uterus to promote the discharge of menstrual blood at menstruation and of the ova at ovulation.  Heart-Qi goes down to meet the Kidneys: thus again, Fire descends and Water ascends to promote that communication.  For example, if the period is late one month, it could be due to Heart-Qi not descending at the right time (often from an emotional upset); equally if the period is early one month (Heart-Qi descending before time).

Mental-emotional sphere
The Heart houses the Shen and the Kidneys the Zhi.  Zhi could be translated as "memory" or "will-power": in a mental-emotional context, the translation as "will-power" is much more clinically relevant.  Thus, I interpret Zhi as will-power, enthusiasm, drive, motivation, determination.  

Zhi and Shen need to communicate with and nourish each other.  Motivation, determination and will-power need to be strong but they also need to be somewhat controlled or restrained by the Shen.  

If the Zhi is too strong or if the Shen fails to control it, will-power becomes recklessness.  This happens for example in the manic stage of bipolar disease, but bear in mind that it also occurs in many cases without bipolar disease.  

If Zhi is weak or if the Shen over-controls it, the person lacks will-power, enthusiasm and determination and is essentially depressed.

Arouse Power strengthens the Zhi of the Kidneys and the Shen of the Heart: thus it stimulates the normal communication between Heart and Kidneys and Shen and Zhi.


Written by: Giovanni Maciocia

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