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by E.Qi.Librium Herbs


We are proud to present the "Blue Poppy" Pediatric Formulas created by Bob Flaws;

Blue Poppy Pediatric Herbal tinctures offer condition-specific formulas in a glycerin base. With these formulas children take their herbs without complaint and they get better faster.

The Blue Poppy Pediatrics range of supplements provides you with a comprehensive range of products designed specifically with the infant in mind. From Allerase Jr. to Tummy Qi, Blue Poppy Originals offer a top quality blend of Western scientific research and Eastern traditions.

The squeeze dropper top of the herbal formula bottle is plastic in the case your child bites it! Safety first!

We all want the very best for our children and trying to keep them healthy and to support their short and long-term health can be challenging for any parent. Chinese traditional medicine has a rich history of over 2000 years of application. Using Chinese traditional herbal extracts and botanicals to support your children's health may be an appealing option, but trying to determine which herbs are best for your children can be daunting.

Blue Poppy Pediatrics range:

Blue Poppy Pediatrics AllerEase Junior
 Bupleurum & Angelica Formula
 CQ Junior Fluid
 Dry Nites Fluid
 Little Pearl
 Moisten Dryness
 Peaceful Focus
 Quiet Nites
 Tender Teeth
 Tummy Qi